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Four week Series on Gnosticism- the Life of the Early Christianity, Jesus Christ, and Modern Day Implications

Gnosticism emerged in the first century after Jesus Christ was killed.The Gnostics preceded the Roman Catholic Church and traced their roots back to the early disciples and followers of Jesus. Their holy scriptures were found in a cave in Egypt in 1945.These scriptures were mysteriously hidden. Some historians presume they were concealed because of the Gnostic mass persecution by the Roman Empire. The scriptures re-emerged at a pivotal juncture in human history- the end of WWII. They came at a climactic time when human beings needed uplifting and enlightenment. Now more than ever, their message is needed.  These ancient teachings hold universal truths that are desperately necessary for the re- awakening of modern humanity. 


Please join Lori on a 4 week journey into the origins and teachings of the Gnostics and their relationship with Jesus Christ and early Christianity. We will meet on Sunday evenings at 4 pm via zoom- April 11, 25 , May 2, and May 9-  100.00

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